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Hone Your Kids' Skills in the Kitchen

In a time when even 25 hours in a day just isn’t enough, we need to double up and even triple up if needs be with work, family time and keeping a home – like feeding hungry tots real fast...

1 February 2017 | Food & Drink

ADHD medication may put kids at risk

<!--PSTYLE=hed_ 57 Fru 24 light-->Stellenbosch University child psychiatrist has warned this illness was often misdiagnosed, resulting in over-medication of children.

3 October 2016 | Lifestyle

Happily ever after … ?

<!--PSTYLE=hed_95H 70pt-->Marriage Week is from September 1 to 7, but it comes at a time when South Africa's divorce rate is the highest it's ever been, writes Omeshnie Naidoo

29 August 2016 | Lifestyle

ABC of movement learning

<!--PSTYLE=hed_95H 70pt-->A kinesthetic or tactile approach to education can combat effects of ADHD, writes Lee Koetser

16 August 2016 | Lifestyle