Aldytha da Silva stresses the importance of having a healthy skin.

Glamorous Aldytha da Silva is no beauty queen. In fact, the beautiful mother of three will tell you she has spent most of her professional life behind the scenes at fashion shoots and events.

She is a highly regarded make-up artist, the owner of Make-Up-Your-Mind and the woman behind Kryolan KwaZulu-Natal. (Kryolan is a make-up brand).

Apart from launching two stores in major malls this year, she also qualified as Mrs South Africa First Princess and tackled the busy pageant itinerary. On September 4 she will represent our country at Mrs Universe in China, a contest she entered to champion married women. But it’s her experience in beauty and interaction with South African women over the years that has made her such a frank voice in the cosmetics industry.

We asked Da Silva, who is from Durban, for her make-up and skincare pointers for the ageing beauty. This is what she said:

●I have had a life-long love affair – 41 years – with all things “beauty”. I would not leave the house without my red lipstick, later sparkly lip gloss, and I spent my pocket money on Vogue. From a young age I was drawn like a magnet to the world of fashion and cosmetics. Nothing has changed.

Adolescence is a great time at which to adopt a healthy skincare routine and to learn good grooming and deportment. As mothers we have a duty to teach our children to love and care for themselves and indeed, their skin. Skincare is essential, as even with make-up the look is a fresh face and that starts with a healthy, glowing skin.

I truly believe that when a woman wholeheartedly grasps her unique beauty she becomes the best version of herself. Make-up enhances who we are, but we must first know who that is.

●You will never be as young as you are today, so if you haven’t already started, start now. Cleanse, tone and moisturise.

●If you don’t know where to start, get educated. I am not speaking about the social media “experts”, but rather trusted professionals who can share sound advice and contemporary skills suited to you, the individual.

●Make-up is available at every price point today, but can be ruined by bad tools. Invest in good-quality make-up brushes. Hard plastic bristled brushes just won’t do. Your skin is not a rental. Harsh, daily application methods can have a long-term effect.

Make sure you have a basic brush set made of natural, graduated fibres.

●Good brushes ensure good blending. This is aided by a metal-blending make-up palette. An unused CD disc will do the same job. Blend all liquid cream products on to the palette before applying to the skin. This will warm the product so that it glides on to the surface of the skin in an easier, smoother manner. It also eliminates the harsh blending, stretching action on the skin itself.

●Skin must be well moisturised before applying any cosmetic for a more natural-looking appearance. If you don’t own a primer, it is time to buy one. It will resurface the skin before make-up is applied, reducing large pores, fine lines and offering a more flawless finish.

●I cleanse my face every day with a suitable cleanser and I always use exfoliating mittens. Gently massaging the cleanser on to the skin using these mittens adds to the appearance of a fresh, dewy skin. Go on, try them, but be gentle.

●I avoid alcohol and alcohol-based products. They will evaporate the moisture from your skin, leaving you looking extremely dehydrated.

If your make-up appears powdery and lines on your skin are exasperated, it may be your products, as so many long-wearing foundations contain alcohol. So read the labels and rather sip on water.

●For a youthful glow add creamy illuminators into concealers, foundations and even blushers. It will give you a remarkable sun-kissed appearance. Powder-based foundations and blushes won’t give that on-trend, fresh and natural look.

●If you live in a humid climate, set make-up to prevent it sliding all over the face. This is effectively achieved using loose translucent powder. For added hold, spritz the face with a setting spray.

●As you get older, you might want to avoid metallic-looking eye shadows and lipsticks. These exaggerate lines on the skin. From age 40, I advise matt shadows.

●Avoid sugar. I made this lifestyle change three years ago and besides the rapid weight loss, my skin has never looked healthier. I believe sugar creates inflammation in every area of the body and by simply eliminating it from your diet, you will see amazing changes in your overall appearance, hair, skin and cellulite.

●Groomed, well-shaped and maintained eyebrows are essential. A flattering well balanced brow shape can literally transform your facial features. Avoid over plucking. Go to a pro if you are unsure.

●When we age we inevitably acquire blemishes, sun spots and dark circles that make us look older than we are. Use concealers two to three shades lighter than the dark circles under your eyes and one shade lighter than blemishes elsewhere to avoid a grey or ashy appearance that puts most women off using concealer altogether.

Colour correctors are also effective at evening out the tone of the skin before foundation and concealer. A trick is to apply foundation first and thereafter concealer to ensure your make-up doesn’t look heavy.

●It is worth noticing the inner area of the eye is the darkest hollow of the entire face. This area (not under the eye, but the inner eye) demands a good, bright concealer.

You will be amazed at the fresh open-eyed effect you can create by liberally concealing this deeply shadowed area.

●Be conscious of your facial movements, frowns, squinting and how you sleep. Train the muscles in your face to maintain and hold a fresh open-eyed look. Sounds crazy, but again, this will prevent deep scowl lines forming.