The official advertisement for the SciFest Africa 2016 to be hosted in Grahamstown from March 2-8, 2016 with this year's theme "A Matter of time". Picture: Facebook/Scifest Africa

Durban – SciFest Africa started on Wednesday and will come to an end on March 8, 2016. The festival which promotes the appreciation of science will take place in Grahamstown.

SciFest Africa was started in 1996 to promote public awareness and understanding of science and technology in South Africa. Six countries will be represented at this years festival which will include the United Kingdom, Australia. Switzerland, United States and India. Last year the festival garnered 68 000 people.

The theme for this year “Matter of Time”, explores the creation and measurement of time.

The British High Commission have sponsored two lectures from the United Kingdom. The opening lecture will be presented by Wendy Sandler who is the founding Director of Science Made Simple in the UK, she is also a regular contributor to Scifest Africa.

In some of the showcases that will feature at SciFest Africa, Science Circus Africa will present Extraordinary Science with Ordinary Stuff a workshop where the audience will be shown fun and exciting experiments they can do at home or school.

The Best of ‘Die Physikanten’ from Germany will return to showcase awesome chemistry and physics demonstrations which will include smoke rings, imploding barrels and a fire tornado.

In conjunction with the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and Children's Science Centre in India, Mr Ashok Rupner will have two workshops. In the ‘Toys from Trash’ workshop, the audience will learn to make science toys from items like straws, CD's and slip-slops. In the Simple Science workshop, the audience will learn how to make science education resources from cheap household items.

The festival aims to make Science more “fun” and focus on celebrating the collision of entertainment and science.