Durban - In order for an app to be truly user-friendly, it has to be intuitive, anticipating what the user may need at any given time in their user-journey. Google Maps does just that ‒ thinking ahead and providing features that every user will soon find they cannot do without.

To date, there are a myriad applications you and I can choose from on a daily basis as we try to navigate our way through concrete and even actual jungles. None of these apps, however, have allowed users to access value-added information about map locations without leaving the app interface. In its latest update, Google Maps has seamlessly integrated navigation with place rankings and reviews, and even events.

Google Maps just got more social and we are here for it. Here are some highlights of what the updated app lets you do:

1. Discover personalised location recommendations: Under the new Explore section of the app, you can now get suggestions and highlights of new restaurants, bars, services and shopping around any location in the world.

2. Indulge your inner foodie: The Food List aggregates reviews and ratings from other food lovers to give you a list of the top offerings in any given area. Once you click on a place, you then have all the information you need: an overview, rating, contact information, reviews, photos and, of course, directions on how to get there. You can also keep up with other foodies by checking off which places on the list you have visited

3. Find food delivery options: If you don’t have enough time to go out and explore different restaurant options, Google Maps will let you know if there are any restaurants that deliver in your area, complete with contact details.

4. Fill your social calendar: Discover top events and activities taking place nearby and see photos, descriptions and even filter these by categories depending on what you like. Are you an outdoorsy person or someone looking for kid-friendly activities? Just toggle the app filters and find something that’s suitable.

5. Get personalised recommendations: In the app’s settings menu, fill in details about what kind of food and drinks you do and don’t like so that Maps can recommend options that are literally suited to you.

6. Help others discover your favourite places: These helpful reviews, ratings and photos on Google Maps are submitted by ordinary people who just happen to be passionate about food, travel, adventure and lifestyle. If you find a place that you feel strongly about, you can contribute your experience and help millions of people find that place by simply connecting yourself to Google’s global community of explorers ‒ via “Your Contributions” in the settings menu or by visiting Local Guides to get started.

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