With summer around the corner, we tend to go for less heavy meals and fruit become a popular  choice amongst young and old. Why not start practicing new yummy recipes using fruit. 

A very  popular fruit sold in Food Lovers Market stores is the pawpaw, or is it the papaya? Wait, is there a difference? Indeed  there is.

Are you unsure what the difference is between a pawpaw and a papaya? Don’t worry it is confusing  for many consumers.

Although they are the same species, (Carica , which is a genus of flowering plants in the family  Caricaceae including C. papaya which is widely cultivated fruit tree native to the American tropics.)

There is a difference between the two fruits. You might be more familiar with the pawpaw which has  been common in South Africa for longer.

So, how do you tell the difference? It is easier than you think. You can tell them apart by using shape  and colour.

A papaya has a red or red flesh inside and it is oval like a rugby ball.

A pawpaw has yellow flesh, is slightly larger and rounder like a soccer ball. 

How do they taste? Why don’t you pop in to your nearest Food Lovers Market and  grab a fruity combo for R49 at Food Lover’s to taste your yourself!

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