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Durban - If the sound clip that has been doing the round is anything to go by, then eThekwini Municipality is under siege from a bunch of thugs masquerading as the champions of black small businesses.

In the clip, which was purportedly recorded at one of the municipal offices during disciplinary hearing of Zandile Sithole, the suspended deputy head of the supply chain management, the men, believed to be members of Delangokubona Business Forum can be heard harassing and swearing at another man who identified himself as a senior advocate and was brought in to chair the hearing.

“Who are you wena? Who invited you here? This is a Metro internal matter. What you are doing here is nonsense… this is South Africa you must speak Zulu here. Those who are abusing her (Sithole) must do it now, we are here,” the men can be heard.

The men continued to threaten the advocate, telling him that there was no reason for them to engage with a stranger on internal matters and therefore this sitting cannot proceed because it was not regulated.

In the end, the disciplinary process was postponed.

Mdu Nkosi, IFP councillor said he received the recording and that Delangokubona's interference in municipal affairs was disturbing.

An audio doing the rounds on social media. Audio : Supplied

 "The group's interference in municipal business is disturbing. Officials will find themselves not being able to implement municipal decisions," Nkosi said.

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