Police officers have cordoned off an area in Phoenix where the body of a young boy, believed to be Miguel Louw was found on Monday. Picture: POST

Durban - Private security guards chasing an armed robber through the bushes in Phoenix on Monday were stopped in their tracks when they came across a stench.

The stench would eventually lead them to a shallow grave where the body of a young boy was buried.

According to police sources, the boy was dressed in a school tracksuit.

While not yet confirmed, police are investigating the probability that it could be that missing Durban schoolboy Miguel Louw.

Miguel, 9, was last seen on July 17.

Police and State prosecutors were said to be on the scene.

Glen Naidoo of private security company KZN VIP unit said they were responding to an armed robbery in progress on Longbury Drive on Monday where a tuckshop owner was stabbed. 

Naidoo said while reaction officers were pursuing the suspects into the bushes leading to Eastbury, they got a nasty smell. 

A police K9 unit had also rushed to the scene. Naidoo said the dog picked up the scent and led them to a badly decomposed body in the bushes. 

Patrick Pillay local councillor said the scene was packed with curious onlookers. 

Pillay said the road is a busy thoroughfare.

"People are standing in shock on the roadside. Cars are lined up on the side of the road. There is a dozen police vehicles. People are saying it's Miguel but without confirmation, I cannot comment. The whole of Phoenix Is expected to converge on the area as the news spread on social media," he said.

The last time Miguel Louw was seen alive.

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