Nathan Ganas was killed in a hail of bullets trying to protect his wife, Denise, during a hijacking in the driveway of their Shallcross home. Picture: Supplied
Durban - Denise Ganas, who is fighting to get a R2.4 million life insurance payout from Momentum for her murdered husband,
that she had not been contacted by Momentum. The company earlier told PowerFM that it would refund the premiums paid on her husband's policy since its inception.

"I was contacted by someone who saw that on Twitter Momentum said they intend paying us the premiums back and that they do not want the R50 000 anymore.

"But I don't know this for sure because I have not been contacted."

She reiterated that her husband was not a diabetes sufferer and was not on chronic medication.

Denise's story grabbed media headlines around the country after the Independent on Saturday reported that the insurance giant declined the widow her payout because they claim her husband Nathan Ganas, 42, who was murdered in March 2017, did not declare that he had high blood sugar levels.

Nathan was shot in a hijacking incident at their Shallcross home. He died trying to protect his wife.

Shortly after his death, Denise became locked in a battle with Momentum.

In addition to denying the claim, Momentum was also wanted her to pay back the R50 000 instant cash benefit which was used for Nathan's funeral.

On Monday Denise told IOL said she was overwhelmed by public support.

Ganas said that she did not know the story would gain so much attention but said it was a real eye-opener for everyone.

She ultimately hoped that she would get the payout to help support her and her child.

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