Cold DIY comfort for your aircon

Arctic Freeze allows you to regas your aircon yourself.

Arctic Freeze allows you to regas your aircon yourself.

Published Nov 15, 2013


Summer is here and your car’s aircon isn’t blowing as cold as it should?

The problem could be that it needs to be regassed. Instead of taking your jammy to an agent (which will charge around R600) or the guys on the side of the road (this costs about R300 but raises concerns around workmanship), now there’s an easy and slightly more affordable DIY product that could provide the necessary fix.

It’s called Arctic Freeze and it lets you do the regas from a can, and is nearly as simple to use as inflating the tyres on your car.

A gauge will indicate when the system is fully regassed. The formulation inside the can also contains a leak sealer, which will fix any small gas leaks in the system, and a moisture and acid eliminator, which helps to extend the life of your aircon.

You have a choice of four products in South Africa.

There’s the Arctic Freeze can with detachable gauge and hose, which retails for R399 – the benefit here is the gauge and hose, which can be used again (the gauge does not need the can to check the system’s pressure, it can be used as a stand-alone device).

Next is the stand-alone can, which retails for R299 (this is for customers who already have the gauge from a previous purchase).

The third product is a little different in that it includes a leak detector – which means the gas in the can contains a fluorescent dye, while the package itself includes a small UV penlight torch. This allows you to detect a leak after topping up and running the aircon. This pack with gauge costs R425, and without the gauge it’s R100 cheaper.

The last offering, at R349, contains a bigger can with more gas for multiple-car use – add the gauge and hose to this and you’re in for R449.

To find your nearest stockist call Neal on 071 397 2745 or drop him an e-mail on [email protected].

You can also visit www.arcticfreezeafrica. com for a video demonstration on how the product is used. -Mercury Motoring

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