Garmin Head-Up Display now available in SA at R1999.

Johannesburg - Garmin Southern Africa has launched Head-Up Display - the company’s first aftermarket portable display device.

When paired with a user’s Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, it projects crisp and bright navigational information and directions on to the car’s windshield or an attached reflector lens. The display, which works with the Garmin Navigon Southern Africa Navigation app (sold separately via respective app stores) automatically adjusts the brightness level, so the projections are clearly visible in direct sunlight or at night.

It combines combines functionality with simplicity and was designed by Garmin to keep drivers’ hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, displaying turn arrows, which lane to be in, distance to the next turn, speed limit, and current speed and warnings of upcoming speed-trap camera locations, as well as estimated time of arrival.

The head-up display is easy to set up.

Users can choose between displaying navigation information on their windshield, with the included, transparent film, or on to the included reflector lens that attaches directly to the unit. The device pairs wirelessly with a compatible Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, Android phone or Windows Phone 8.

“Garmin’s HUD interface has been developed utilising an in-house driving simulator that uses cameras to track the driver’s eye movements. The interface design is based on the time and cognitive load required to perform a task with the goal of minimising driver distraction,” says Garmin SA.

Simply pair your phone with HUD, set your destination in the app and the display will project turn-by-turn directions and other navigation information.

Garmin’s Head-Up Display is available at Makro at the retail recommended price of R1999.