General Motors SA has upgraded its Isuzu KB range of one-ton bakkies with the latest diesel-engine technology, a larger V6 petrol engine for its top-of-the-range LX models - and an extended-cab model.

GMSA sales and marketing boss Malcolm Gauld said: "The extended-cab format has more cabin utility space with lockable load bins.

"We think most buyers will be among small and medium business operators, in mining and manufacturing and in the maintenance and repair industry."

The KB extended cab is available in three derivatives, each rear-wheel drive and based on a "high-ride" chassis with torsion bar front suspension.

The choice of models, each with a five-speed manual transmission, is:

  • LE with a new D-TEQ 250 2.5-litre common-rail diesel engine.

  • LX with a D-TEQ 300 three-litre common-rail diesel engine.

  • LX specification with a new 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine.

    Isuzu's new D-TEQ diesel engines feature high-pressure, common-rail, fuel-injection systems (typically this type of system operates at a pressure of between 1600 and 2000 bar!) and advanced turbochargers with intercooling.

    The company claims reduced noise and vibration compared to earlier direct-injection diesel engines, as well as lower emissions.

  • The 2.5-litre D-TEQ 250 engine produces a claimed 85kW at 3600rpm with 280Nm available from 1800-2200rpm, using a radiator-mounted intercooler.

  • The three-litre D-TEQ 300 engine produces 120kW at 3600rpm with 360Nm delivered from 1800-2800rpm when mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. With an automatic transmission (on some derivatives) it has been mapped to provide 333Nm from 1600-3200rpm.

    Incoming air is chilled by a bonnet-mounted air-to-air intercooler.

  • GMSA continues to offer its 2.5-litre "compensated" diesel engine on the base models. This engine produces 58kW at 3800rpm and 170Nm at 1800rpm.

  • There's also a new aluminium, 3.6-litre, quad-valve, V6 petrol engine with two overhead camshafts on each bank of cylinders, an electronic throttle, multipoint electronic fuel injection and adaptive spark control with coil-on-plug ignition.

    GMSA quotes 157kW at 5300rpm and 313Nm at 3200rpm on a 10.2:1 comperession .

    The two-litre (88kW and 174Nm) and 2.4-litre (94kW and 207Nm) petrol engines with multipoint fuel-injection have been carried over from the previous range.

    New style, new features

    Styling and specification changes for the new KB range include new front bumper styling across the range, a new radiator grille, a new frontal treatment with revised bonnet, fender and headlights, revisions to the outer side panels and tailgate on double-cab models; restyled running boards on LX models and a new rear-step bumper on LE and LX models.

    Interior changes include the addition of silver hard trim on LX models, new cloth and vinyl trim across the range and the addition of fuel consumption and outside temperature meters on all LX models.

    Anti-lock brakes are now standard on all LE models, as are two front crash bags on all LE and up models.

    Cruise control has been added to all LX specification units and "shift-on-the-fly" 4x4 selection is also now available across the range.

    The bakkies will be delivered with a five-year or 90 000km service plan and service intervals are 15 000km or a year on petrol and diesel models.



  • KB200i LWB - R130 695

  • KB200i LWB Fleetside - R136 901

  • KB240i 4x4 Fleetside - R204 799

  • KB240i LWB LE - R170 268

  • KB360i V6 Extended Cab LX - R228 364

  • KB240i Double Cab LE - R226 712

  • KB240i Double Cab 4x4 LE - R273 701

  • KB360i V6 Double Cab LX - R267 355

  • KB360i V6 Double Cab 4x4 LX - R308 655

  • KB360i V6 Double Cab 4x4 LX a/t - R316 813


  • KB250c LWB - R150 635

  • KB250c LWB Fleetside - R157 094

  • KB250c LWB Fleetside A/C - R163 820

  • KB250 SO 4x4 Fleetside - R210 312

  • KB300TDI LWB LE - R220 101

  • KB250 SO Extended Cab LE - R203 910

  • KB300TDI Extended Cab LX - R236 005

  • KB300TDI Extended Cab 4x4 LX - R275 748

  • KB250 SO Double Cab LE - R241 976

  • KB250 SO Double Cab 4x4 LE - R278 333

  • KB300TDI Double Cab LX - R277 954

  • KB300TDI Double Cab LX a/t - R284 725

  • KB300TDI Double Cab 4x4 LX - R313 910

  • KB300TDI Double Cab 4x4 LX a/t - R320 614