Shakila Singh was killed in a robbery at her Musgrave home.
DURBAN - The domestic worker accused of the murder of her employer had made several requests that she wanted fulfilled by the police before making her confession.

The Durban High Court heard yesterday that she told the magistrate who was going to officiate her confession that she wanted to be taken home to uMlazi to collect her medication, toiletries and have a home-cooked meal before she could make her confession.

Nonjabulo Mteki, 33, is accused of plotting the murder of Musgrave Gardens complex resident Shakila Singh on February 29 last year.

Mteki, Kennedy Amon Ngongi, 28; and Ally Jumar Abdullah, 39, are in custody and have pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

Warrant Officer Rajan Govender told the court that Mteki had confessed to him and arrangements were made for her to make a formal confession statement before a magistrate.

“She was remorseful and sorry at what she did to her employer. She mentioned on several occasions that she did not expect the deceased (Singh) to die. She said she wanted to tell the truth about what happened.

“I told her that I could not continue with her statement and that the confession was to be done before a magistrate.”

Govender said he drove her home, and her sister and children were at the house. She collected her items and kissed her children goodbye. She, however, could not eat anything because there was no ready-cooked meal at the time, Govender said.

He said on their way back to Berea police station, he offered to buy Mteki a meal at KFC.

“On our way back, she was quite happy that I responded to all her requests. Arrangements were made for her to go back to the magistrate to make the confession the following day, which she did,” Govender said.

He also furnished the magistrate with an affidavit as proof that he had fulfilled Mteki’s requests.

But a few days later, Mteki said she wanted to change her statement and the confession, claiming that she was not guilty.

Her lawyer, Emmanuel Chiliza, told the court that Mteki would tell the court that she felt threatened by the male officers.

“My instructions are that she felt threatened by the male police officers who instilled fear in her and promised her that she would not get arrested if she did as told, and said what she was told to say. She will say that you coached her on how to respond to the magistrate’s questions,” Chiliza said.

According to the indictment, Mteki was allegedly in a love relationship with a Kenny Osita Okiri, whose business involved buying and selling gold and precious stones.

It is believed that Okiri learnt from Mteki that Singh, whom she had worked for since 2004, owned many pieces of diamond and gold jewellery, and foreign currencies, which she kept on the premises, and they planned to rob her.

Okiri is still at large.

Chiliza asked Govender why Mteki had suddenly wanted to confess.

Govender said Mteki heard through him about the arrest of the other suspects (Ngongi and Abdullah) and realised that she, too, was going to be caught and decided to confess.

The case continues.

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