Kirsty Theologo , 18, of Joburg, had petrol poured over her by friends. She was then set alight in what appears to be a satanic ritual. Kirsty suffered 75 percent burns  mostly above her waist.

The trial of five youths accused of setting alight two girls in a suspected Satanic ritual was postponed in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Tuesday.

Magistrate Lucas van der Schyff put the trial off to November 16 for a formal bail application.

Four of them, Lindon Wagner, 21, Robin Harwood, 18, Lester Moody, 18, and Jeremy King, 18, appeared for the first time on October 25 after handing themselves over to police.

They were held at the Booysens police station for DNA tests to be completed, public prosecutor Colleen Ryan said.

A fifth man, 23-year-old Harvey Isha, was added to the list of accused after his arrest on Monday.

The charges against the five men were changed to murder and attempted murder after 18-year-old Kirsty Theologo died in hospital last week.

A sixth accused, a 16-year-old girl, appeared in a another courtroom as she was still a minor. She was also arrested on Monday.

A preliminary inquiry into her involvement was under way and the charges against her would be determined later, Ryan said.

Theologo and her 14-year-old friend were allegedly doused with petrol and set alight on October 21.

Theologo was in a coma at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital with 75 percent burns to her upper body. She died a week later, Warrant Officer Lorraine Van Emmerik said.

She and her friend were among eight youngsters who reportedly went to a koppie behind the Linmeyer swimming pool in Julius Street that Friday night.

The two girls were tied up before they were set alight in what has been described as a Satanic ritual.

Van der Schyff decided on Tuesday that Wagner and Harwood would be held at the Booysens police station. This would allow them to point out scenes of the crime to police.

Isha would be kept at the same police station for his DNA tests to be completed.

Moody and King would be held at the Johannesburg prison as they would not be assisting police in pointing out any of the scenes.

The trial might be moved to the Johannesburg High Court. - Sapa