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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Accused in murder trial of ANC leader claims police assaulted him

The third accused in the murder trial of ANC branch leader told Durban High Court that he was assaulted by police officers.

The third accused in the murder trial of ANC branch leader told Durban High Court that he was assaulted by police officers.

Published Apr 18, 2023


Durban — One of the co-accused in the murder trial of ANC branch leader Thulani Nxumalo of KwaNdengezi, told the Durban High Court on Monday that police officers assaulted him and he nearly died.

The man who is the third accused in this matter, Nkosinathi Mbambo, was in the box and was being cross examined. Mbambo is accused alongside Felokwakhe Ndlovu, an induna at KwaNdengezi and Nkosiyanda Ndlovu. They are facing charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

The state alleges that they conspired to kill Nxumalo who was investigating Felokwakhe for selling land for his personal gain. The state alleges that Felokwakhe asked Mbambo and Nkosiyanda to assist him, it says they conspired and agreed to kill Nxumalo.

When Mbambo was given an opportunity to say something, he said: “I would like to tell the court that being arrested, tortured me. I left my kids young. The police officers assaulted me and covered my entire face with plastic. I nearly died.”

Mbambo further continued to say that he did not commit the crime he is accused of, and that he did not know Nxumalo. Mbambo described how he met his co-accused Felokwakhe Ndlovu who is an induna at KwaNdengezi. He said he met him through his friend whom they used to play soccer with, Thula Mabaso.

He said he was at Mabaso’s place and Ndlovu was there.

“We were talking with Mabaso about personal things, I then said to him I am growing up now I need to buy land so that I can build my own house,” said Mbambo.

Mbambo said Mabaso told him that his brother Ndlovu was induna and that he normally finds plots. Mbambo said Mabaso told him that he must communicate with Ndlovu and he will assist him. Mbambo said Ndlovu was in their vicinity on that day but at a distance. He said this was the first time he met Ndlovu.

“I told him that I am looking for a piece of land, he said there were plots. We exchanged cell phone numbers. I told him I will try to come and see him at KwaNdengezi,” explained Mbambo.

Mbambo said he called Ndlovu several times trying to meet up with him. When the state senior advocate Lawrence Gcaba asked him if he was told what he needed to do to get land. He said he did not ask that as they were still going to meet with Ndlovu.

“I did not see the need because we were still going to meet and discuss further,” said Mbambo.

“When did this happen? Which month was this?”asked Gcaba.

“It was in 2018 but I do not recall the month. It was towards the end of the year,” he said.

The state will continue to cross examine Mbambo on Tuesday. The trio is in custody.

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