Activists selected for Facebook Accelerator programme

Charlene Singh, the Head of Digital Communications at WomanPACT. Picture supplied

Charlene Singh, the Head of Digital Communications at WomanPACT. Picture supplied

Published Jul 19, 2023


Durban — In a world where gender equality remains a pressing issue, organisations like WomanPACT are leading the charge in empowering women and creating meaningful change.

This South African-based group of remarkable social activists has caught the attention of global communities by being selected as one of 135 participants in the prestigious Facebook Accelerator programme for 2022/2023.

This aims to support and uplift online communities making a significant impact in their respective areas.

WomanPACT’s inclusion in this esteemed initiative not only speaks volumes about their accomplishments but also underscores the vital importance of their work for women in South Africa and beyond.

WomanPACT has long been recognised for its dedication to championing women’s causes and promoting gender equality. Through a diverse range of programmes and initiatives, they have created a platform that empowers and uplifts women from all walks of life. Their efforts are transforming lives, building communities, and breaking down barriers that hinder progress.

One of WomanPACT’s key initiatives focuses on education and skill-building. Recognising that knowledge is power, they have developed comprehensive programmes that equip women with the tools to thrive in today’s society. From GBV workshops to small business expos, entrepreneurship training and mentorship programmes, WomanPACT ensures women are equipped with the skills needed to navigate a rapidly changing world.

Charlene Singh, head of digital communications at WomanPACT, said, “This Facebook opportunity allows us to amplify our voice and reach even more women, driving meaningful change in South Africa and beyond.”

With WomanPACT’s participation in the Facebook Accelerator programme, they are poised to take their mission to new heights. By utilising the platform’s resources and guidance, WomanPACT can expand its reach, strengthen its programmes, and inspire more individuals.

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