Actor Muzi Mthabela addresses masculinity and gender roles in society

Muzi Mthabela. Picture: Instagram

Muzi Mthabela. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 4, 2024


Durban — Seasoned TV actor Muzi Mthabela has called for an end to gender roles in society.

Mthabela said that as times change, gender roles should not be a stumbling block in building relationships and raising families.

Mthabela and other celebrities including Thembinkosi Mthembu, Khuzani Mpungose, and J Something are part of the #QinaNdoda by OMO campaign to address these traditional stereotypes.

The actor said the relevance of traditional gender roles should be questioned.

He said these days, gender roles were difficult to hold on to in practice when both men and women had to work, which was why it was important to lay a foundation of love and understanding.

He said that in a situation in which a man had a job that allowed him to arrive home earlier, rather than waiting for his wife, who was still at work, he could cook dinner for the family.

He said the #QinaNdoda campaign would challenge and break down stereotypes. He said every man had to weigh what matters most to them – holding on to stereotypes or being a loving husband and father.

“Supporting your partner is important. If you have the funds to pay the bills and you want your wife to stay at home, that should be an open discussion between you both. If she loves her career then it is important to support that decision,” he said.

He said one needed to avoid trying to define and control the other person.

Apart from being an actor and hosting a podcast on Ukhozi FM, he is also a public speaker and hosts book clubs, mainly for the purpose of reading self-help books to inspire young men and build them up to face the challenges life may throw at them.

He said at a conference last week, he encouraged the audience to help each other in the home and spread the message that no one should be limited to gender roles.

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