Desiree Stone, Peter Heam and Elliot Nkosi plant a yellow wood tree as part of Arbour week in Mount Edgecombe. Picture: Supplied

Durban- As South Africans honour the importance of trees during Arbour week, Leitch Landscapes and Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate embarked on a tree growing initiative that will include residents from the area who will pledge and support efforts to grow indigenous trees in the area.

The Daily News has previously reported that planting indigenous plants is to restoring ecological balance and putting less of a strain on the country's water resources as they are suited to the environment. 

This is unlike foreign species that will take up space and consume large amounts of water. Local plants also attract insects that play a role in the spreading of pollen. 

These insects also draw the attention of birds and lizards who play a crucial role in the ecosystem.

Warren Horsley, Senior Manager from Leitch Landscapes, said: 

“The intention of this year’s Arbour Week initiative was to try and increase the diversity of indigenous trees on the estate that will attract and feed the local wildlife. We also wanted to involve the community through this drive so there is a common goal and awareness to have more trees planted on the estate."

Daily News