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Friday, July 1, 2022

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Back Chat: Unmaintained drainage system, a cause of Ladysmith flooding

When drainage systems are not maintained due to lack of service delivery these are the results. | Theodore Jeptha

When drainage systems are not maintained due to lack of service delivery these are the results. | Theodore Jeptha

Published Jan 20, 2022



Much as we want to blame the Ladysmith floods on climate change, it is the government's failure. When drainage systems are not maintained due to lack of service delivery these are the results. SIYA MDLULI

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There is zero drainage system in the entire city of Ladysmith. We experienced the same problem last year, the only difference this time is that it is much worse because it has been raining almost daily. It is a shame for the taxpayers and businesses. ZINHLE BHUNGANE

What happened to the dam that was built just above the Ladysmith catchment area to hold the flood waters during heavy rains? Previously, this dam worked very well to hold back the water. Is it poor maintenance that the dam sluice gates don't work and are left open? Someone needs to account for this mess. GOVENDER, PHOENIX

The entire city is in a flood plain and it can clearly be seen when approaching from Newcastle. If you check the topographical map, it is in a flood plain but those "rivers" will sink the city if not taken care of. The government sees no need to reinvent the wheel, instead they just take whatever is working and run with it. Interestingly, this government is blinded by disaster funds. THEMBA KWEYAMA

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Nomusa Dube-Ncube, a long standing PEC member of ANC and MEC for several terms, has thrown her name into the hat to take over the leadership of the party in KZN. Those that support her bid do so because of her experience. Dube has occupied government and party leadership positions since 1994. It is disturbing that ANC members are blinded by the fact that these same leaders presided over the destruction of the ANC. Why do ANC leaders think they can rule till they die? Where is the new leadership? The ANC is on its way out and will soon lose its stronghold in the provincial and national legislatures and rely on the support of unscrupulous smaller parties in order to cling on to power. This is exactly what has happened after the local elections. The ANC believes that old brooms sweep clean. They want to bring in old, worn out leaders like Nomusa Dube and Lindiwe Sisulu to keep factions alive and seal the fate of the ANC's downward trajectory. These are ambitious and greedy ANC leaders and they must bow out while they can. B. MOODLEY

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Zuma NEVER thought he would be held accountable. He thought that once he was President he was untouchable, so this battle between him and the justice system is not about Zondo but about being held accountable by anyone or any institution, under the law. Zuma is a very bad apple and an example needs to be made of him for this country to have any credible future. ALAN WHITE

Cutting Edge keeps exposing the education department's weaknesses "telling lies". Rural schools will never see their children because they are in deplorable condition. Those people who are in charge should be charged for abuse and fired. JOE SOAP

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I hope more counters are opened at other post offices to deal with vehicle licence registrations because of the closure of the Hyper by the Sea post office. Why could a small office not be left open at Hyper to continue providing this service only? IQ

Omicron is not as mild as the authorities want us to believe. It is hospitalising and killing people as we can see from our daily numbers and in other countries. A colleague with cancer recently could not get a bed and waited 12 hours for one. The virus has been downplayed in the interest of politics and business. SANJAY

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