File Picture: Shayne Robinson
File Picture: Shayne Robinson

Banning alcohol sales is killing the hospitality sector

Time of article published Jul 28, 2020

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Lallo M Hariram

Durban - At the height of apartheid, the majority of our people were denied the right to buy alcohol. Our people resorted to brewing their own alcohol, but this was met with police brutality.

The Zulu beer and Gavine became very popular among the poor.

However, the brewer and people consuming the illicit alcohol faced the brunt of police hostility and were often herded into police vans and trucks, similar to animals.

A sight unbelievable but which existed in reality, with no respect for human values.

In a free, democratic South Africa, alcohol sales are again banned.

The government rests the blame on the Covid-19 pandemic. Around most corners, breweries have mushroomed and sellers are doing a roaring trade.

The liquor is branded as Zulu Whiskey and the contents are 700ml of 2% wine, with 45ml Gavine and 5ml whiskey colorant.

Between the 1950s and the mid-1980s, Gavine brought about TB and other related diseases, and death.

The government must be practical in its undertaking to ban alcohol altogether, and fund economic recovery.

Shutting down all breweries and distilleries with the stroke of a pen is killing the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Lallo M Hariram Umhlanga Ridge

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