Bluff residents concerned about service delivery

Sewer flows on Bluff streets. Picture: Supplied

Sewer flows on Bluff streets. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 17, 2024


Durban — As the national elections draw closer, eThekwini’s ward 66 residents are complaining about neglect and lack of service delivery in their area and wonder whether the elections will change their fortunes.

Bluff resident Allison Schoeman shared that she also feared the eThekwini Municipality would use the recent bad weather in KwaZulu-Natal as a way to delay plans of action.

“A disaster management plan should have been implemented after the last floods to be prepared for the next time. This is what the extra surcharge was meant to be for, yet now we are getting this excuse when we follow up on long outstanding issues.

“We are not insensitive to the devastation suffered by residents in the recent floods, however, the devastation is exacerbated by the lack of maintenance to infrastructure,” Schoeman said.

Schoeman, who’s also the vice-chairperson of the Bluff Ratepayers Residents’ Association (BRRA), said that the Bluff community has taken it upon themselves to host their own clean-up on Tara Road in order to combat the pollution.

Sewer flows on Bluff streets. Picture: Supplied

eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Gugu Sisilana said that in December, the refuse collection service on the Bluff experienced partial interruptions with three breakdowns, while the broader South-Central Region encountered a total of six breakdowns.

“The Flower Road Transfer Station also underwent necessary repair works, contributing to the challenges faced. However, it’s crucial to note that despite these setbacks, refuse collection never ceased.

“Regarding the concerns raised in relation to the collection of alcohol glass bottles at the Sports Club, it must be noted that the collection of alcohol glass bottles at the Sports Club is serviced by five wheelie bins that are collected on Mondays.

“In response to overgrown verges, the City has taken significant steps to enhance grass-cutting services across the municipality. Mayor councillor Mxolisi Kaunda also recently unveiled a fleet of 30 tractors dedicated to grass cutting in municipal areas. The latest grass cutting schedule started on September 1 and this cycle is part of a broader plan, with seven cycles scheduled until May 31, demonstrating the city’s commitment to ongoing improvement in maintaining public spaces.

“It is also evident that while the grass-cutting cycle is in full swing, the persistent rain experienced during the spring and summer seasons does result in the rapid growth of grass.”

On the issue of electricity and stolen electricity infrastructure Sisilana said the eThekwini Municipality is actively collaborating with law enforcement to combat such criminal activities; and that they understand the impact this has on the community and are dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of electricity infrastructure.

She said it is important for residents to report any suspicious activities or information related to stolen infrastructure.

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