Boeremag accused number 13 Lets Pretorius and his wife Minnie Pretorius.

One of the Boeremag bombers has rejected his parents’ declarations of undying love.

Their utterances were “dishonest” and “conditional”, Kobus Pretorius told the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday.

He said he had never experienced sincere love from his father, Dr Lets Pretorius, who is one of his co-accused, or from his mother, Minnie.

Piet Pistorius, for Dr Pretorius, put it to him that his parents loved him unconditionally and would slaughter the proverbial fattened calf and have a feast when he returned home one day.

He replied that he had stopped reading their letters because he was tired of them stabbing him in the back and bad-mouthing his “new parents” (his religious adviser Sonja Jordaan and her husband).

Pistorius put it to him that his background painted a picture of love, compassion and strong family ties.

Pretorius replied: “Their love was never the love for a child, but the love for a possession. They want their possession back. If we were raised so well, why did three intelligent young men become involved in the Boeremag case?”

As a trained engineer, Pretorius admitted that he was an intelligent man who could think for himself, but insisted he was not raised to think critically.

“Madness is logical reasoning from the wrong premise. I used my intelligence from the wrong premise, which was laid by Mr and Mrs Pretorius,” he said.

He felt aggrieved that his father had stated as a fact that he was schizophrenic, which was not true.

He conceded drifting from one religious adviser to the next in jail, but said it was because he was searching for sincerity, which he had found for the first time in Jordaan.

On Tuesday, Pretorius told the court that his parents had “raped his soul” and that he had never had an emotional bond with them during his childhood.

Pretorius distanced himself from what he described as his family’s extreme political and religious beliefs.

He referred to his father and brothers, Johan and Wilhelm, by their numbers as accused, and to his mother as “Mrs Pretorius” throughout his evidence.

The 20 Boeremag accused, including his father and brothers, have all been convicted of high treason resulting from a far right-wing plot to violently overthrow the ANC-led government.

Pretorius handed a poem titled “Rape” to the court, in which he compared being raised by his parents to a young girl being raped by a man.

“I grew up with the idea of white superiority, but I no longer feel that way,” he said.

After the hearing on Tuesday, Dr Pretorius handed a poem to journalists in which he described his pain and sorrow about his son.

The trial continues. – Sapa