Durban - A Manor Gardens resident was shot in the foot and pistol-whipped as he fought off armed robbers at his home.

The man, a Bulgarian national who has been living in Durban for 20 years, had moments earlier led visitors to his driveway gate to bid them farewell.

The family, who did not want to be named as they feared their attackers might return, were settling in for the night at about 10.30pm on Sunday when the 24-year-old daughter heard noises at the front door.

She went to investigate and two men walked in through the unlocked gate. A third man went into the lounge where he accosted her 52-year-old father who had been watching TV.

The robbers pushed the daughter into a bedroom where her mother began screaming hysterically. One of the men threatened to shoot her if she did not keep quiet and hand over jewellery and cash. The robbers then ushered the women into the lounge where one of them tried to grab the father from behind.

The two began grappling until both were out the front door and on the stairs outside. A shot was fired at the father, who was unaware that two other men were inside the home with his family.

“It was a Western movie-style fight, punching and rolling on the floor. He struck me on the head with the gun,” the father told the Daily News.

“The blood trickling down my head blinded me. I felt around on the floor close to me. I picked up two bricks and threw them at him. He made a dash to the fence. I threw the second brick at the man,” he said.

The two robbers who were with the women left hastily when they heard screams outside. The mother said she heard them shout “Dubula”, meaning “Shoot” in Zulu.

The father was trying to regain his balance when two robbers ran past him. He said he then heard a second shot go off.

His wife said when the robbers ran out the front door she thought the ordeal was over and closed the door, unaware that her husband was outside.

“When I closed the door my daughter said dad was outside and then we heard a gunshot go off.

“I was in shock and told my daughter, ‘they have killed your father’. We stood behind the door frozen in fear,” she said.


When the door opened she said she saw her husband drenched in blood. He had been hit on the head with a gun but did not know he had also been shot in the ankle.

He is in hospital recovering from his wounds.

The robbers took a cellphone from the home.

The couple work as shipping supply agents in Durban.

“Standing up to the robbers could have ended in a murder,” the woman said.

“We will undergo trauma counselling to overcome this incident. We have not slept since.”

Police spokesman, Captain Thulani Zwane, said the fleeing attackers jumped over the wall and ran to a vehicle parked nearby.

Zwane said a case of house robbery and attempted murder had been opened at the Mayville police station.

Daily News