Convicted killer Gerald Rosselloty, 39, faces a lengthy prison term.  Picture: Shan Pillay
Convicted killer Gerald Rosselloty, 39, faces a lengthy prison term. Picture: Shan Pillay

Doctor rules out claims by accused

By Daily News Reporter Time of article published Dec 6, 2012

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A doctor called to the witness stand by Gerald Rosselloty has dismissed suggestions put to her that the child he is alleged to have raped suffered genital injuries as a result of horse riding or falling on gravel.

Rape and murder accused Rosselloty questioned Dr Meroonisha Suleman at length on Wednesday about the injuries to the child, who was six-years old at the time of the rape.

Suleman was the last of several witnesses that have been recalled over the past two weeks.

Rosselloty’s trial was adjourned in April after he fired his legal aid attorney and opted to defend himself.

At that time, both the State and defence had closed their cases and had concluded legal argument, when Rosselloty made an application before Pietermaritzburg High Court Judge Rishi Seegobin to recall witnesses who testified during the trial.

Witnesses included his girlfriend and the mother of his child, Jogayle Wahl, his mother, Brenda, as well as the child he is alleged to have raped, and the girl’s mother, with whom he previously had a relationship.

Rosselloty also called medical experts to testify in a bid to exonerate him of the crimes.

On Wednesday, Suleman confirmed that the child had extensive lacerations and suffered severe trauma to her external and internal genitals, which required surgery.

Rosselloty repeatedly asked whether the injuries could have been caused by “the insertion of fingers, horse-riding or falling down on to gravel stones”, but Suleman refused to agree with any of these assertions.


“The internal genitals of the female are very well protected. The injuries the child suffered were as a result of traumatic penetration. It is highly improbable that these injuries were caused by these other methods,” she said. “Yes, highly improbable, but not impossible,” Rosselloty replied.

Rosselloty is also charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Nokwazi Ntuli.

The State alleges Rosselloty and Ntuli were involved in an altercation leading to Ntuli’s death at Rosselloty’s simplex in Monzali Drive, Hilton, on April 16, 2010.

It is alleged that in an attempt to cover up what had happened, Rosselloty set fire to the home and drove her body to an isolated area, where he set it alight.

He has denied any involvement in Ntuli’s murder, claiming that he was on his way to the Mighty Men conference at the time. Cellphone records refute his claim, placing him in the Hilton area on the night of the murder.

In closing his case yesterday, Rosselloty begged Judge Seegobin for adequate time to prepare his closing argument.

The judge first decided that closing argument would be heard tomorrow morning, to which Rosselloty threw his arms in the air in disbelief, exclaiming that this was not enough time for him to prepare.

“I have a whack of paperwork to go through. I am sitting in jail, believe me I would not willingly prolong that,” Rosselloty said.

Judge Seegobin granted Rosselloty an extension, and closing arguments will be submitted on Monday, December 10.

“I still don’t think that’s enough time for me to prepare sufficiently, but I will try my best,” Rosselloty said.

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