Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla ‘ecstatic’ over deployment to an all-important committee

Former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla. | Armand Hough / Independent Newspapers

Former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla. | Armand Hough / Independent Newspapers

Published Jul 10, 2024


Durban — The steady meteoric political rise of the daughter of former president Jacob Zuma, Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, continues as she has now been deployed to serve in a crucial committee in the National Assembly.

Zuma-Sambudla, an Umkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) Member of Parliament (MP), was deployed as a new member of the Parliament's standing committee on the Auditor-General.

The MKP has 58 members in the National Assembly.

In a brief telephonic interview with the Daily News newspaper following her deployment, she said: "I'm ecstatic. I'm over the moon. It gives me great pleasure and privilege to serve in such an important committee."

Zuma-Sambudla, who is fresher in the National Assembly as this is her first stint as a lawmaker, said she would use her new role in the committee to hold to account the government departments citing the rampant corruption in the public sector.

"Our committee will scrutinise and hold those who are in government to account. And I am glad to be part of that," said Zuma-Sambudla.

She would not comment further, saying: "I am busy with my national duty."

The odds appear to be in favour of Zuma-Sambudla, whose political journey officially began when she started campaigning alongside her father, the erstwhile president Zuma, for the MKP ahead of the May elections.

Zuma-Sambudla is a twin sister to Duduzane Zuma whose political career failed to take off after his own political party, All Game Changers, was barred from contesting the May elections due to an alleged lack of compliance with the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) registration process.

Zuma-Sambudla was seen in most campaign trails tailing his father and, at times, even addressing the scores of MKP supporters across the country.

The MKP stunned critics after mustering 58 seats in the National Assembly, which has 400 seats and 37 seats in the KZN provincial legislature, with 80 seats.

She was deployed along with other party members, including the party’s spokesperson, Nhlamulo Ndhlela, who will be part of the communications and digital technologies. Former Western Cape Judge President Dr John Hlophe will serve in the Judicial Service Commission, a body that grills people who want to be judges.

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