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Friday, December 8, 2023

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Durban businessman’s journey from employee to manufacturing magnate

Owner and CEO of Durban-based company Losco Leather Pravesh Patel hopes his story of taking a leap of faith will inspire other like-minded people to pursue their passions and dreams. | Supplied

Owner and CEO of Durban-based company Losco Leather Pravesh Patel hopes his story of taking a leap of faith will inspire other like-minded people to pursue their passions and dreams. | Supplied

Published Sep 14, 2023


Durban — In a world where corporate success often serves as the ultimate aspiration, stories of individuals who dare to deviate from the well-trodden path are always a source of inspiration. Pravesh Patel's narrative is one such remarkable tale of courage, determination, and a relentless pursuit of passion.

Leaving behind the comforts of a stable corporate job in Cape Town, Patel embarked on an unknown entrepreneurial journey, taking the reins of Losco Leather in Durban.

He is the owner and CEO of the establishment which has been roaring for 70 years.

Patel candidly shared that the transition from corporate employee to business owner was not without its challenges.

He had to quickly familiarise himself with the intricacies of the manufacturing industry, a realm vastly different from his corporate background.

“The challenges were evident – outdated systems, lacklustre innovation, and a workforce in need of direction. But these challenges weren't deterrents, I saw them as opportunities for change. I introduced modern technology and automation to streamline operations, leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced wastage.”

Under its flagship brand, Mastergrip, the company specialises in crafting fishing accessories from both leather and plastic materials.

Environmental consciousness is paramount to the business, particularly in the context of their fishing operations.

“We are committed to ensuring the longevity of this industry for generations to come. However, if current trends continue, with insufficient environmental safeguards in place, it is concerning that the world's oceans may face a significant decline in fish populations within the next 30 years. We recognise our responsibility to take action and also to educate consumers about the importance of sustainable practices,” Patel explained.

With time, the company has diversified to manufacturing pet accessories, and excitingly, plans for further expansion are on the horizon.

Patel says his entrepreneurial vision extends far beyond his current manufacturing operations, adding that the company will be boldly venturing into the world of footwear with unwavering enthusiasm.

“Under our new brand, GreenBean Baby Co, we stand on the brink of unveiling an exciting line of leather toddler shoes. This venture into the world of barefoot shoes crafted from vegetable-tanned leather underscores our steadfast commitment to sustainability and the promotion of healthy foot development for toddlers.”

He detailed that this strategic diversification marks a momentous milestone for their company, then reaffirming its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

“These leather toddler shoes are poised to become an indispensable accessory for every toddler's first steps, setting the stage for a bright future.”

Despite the scepticism he faced from peers and well-wishers who questioned his departure from a thriving corporate career, Patel reflects by saying that his journey underscores the significance of aligning one’s career with their personal dreams.

“It serves as a reminder that success can transcend conventional norms and flourish when we wholeheartedly pursue our passions. My experience isn’t merely about departing from a corporate job; it's about taking a courageous leap in self-belief, embracing change as a potent force, and forging a distinct and personal path to success,” said Patel.

Losco Leather presently exports its products to African countries through established wholesaler partnerships while maintaining a robust presence in the Australian market.

As part of its growth strategy, it is actively exploring opportunities to expand into new markets.

Patel concluded by reflecting on his journey, stating: “My transition from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur was a leap of faith. It stands as an example for others, demonstrating that the only true limitations are the ones we place upon ourselves.”

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