Andrew Hughes. Picture: Supplied
Andrew Hughes. Picture: Supplied

Durban comedian shot in Wentworth gang war - drives himself to hospital

By IOL Reporter Time of article published Jul 31, 2020

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Durban - Andrew Hughes, a popular Durban comedian and a friend he was travelling with were shot in Wentworth on Thursday night in what many believe is a case of mistaken identity.

Hughes and his friend was in Landsdowne Road in Wentworth when an unknown gunman opened fire on the car they were sitting in.

Hughes and his friend were shot multiple times.

According to several people who spoke to IOL on Friday, despite being shot numerous times, Hughes was able to drive him and his friend to the nearby Wentworth hospital.

Hughes, who has gained comedic fame for his musical skits on social media and on the local comedy scene, was said to be in stable condition on Friday.

The bullet holes in the car that Andrew Hughes was driving in Wentworth tell the silent story of the shooting. Picture: Supplied.

His friend is said to be in a more serious condition.

“This is all linked to the drug war that is ongoing in Wentworth,” said community activist, Desmond D’Sa.

“Those that are looking into this matter must look at the shooting last week Saturday and see if there are any links. There is just too many guns in Wentworth. These hotspots where all the shootings take place must be placed under lockdown and the police must go in, remove the guns from these places that they are kept in,” he said.

D’Sa said that the two men shot on Thursday night are not linked to any gang activity themselves but said people are often targeted because they may know someone that is linked gangsters.

“This could be a case of mistaken identity but the larger issue at stake here is the amount of guns that are on our streets. Something needs to happen around that,” he said.

Wentworth, south of Durban has been at the epicentre of gang war in recent years over the control of the lucrative drug trade. The area has been plagued with drive-by shootings and gang related murders that has often seen innocent people caught in the crossfire.

Police spokesperson, Captain Nqobile Gwala said police were investigating an attempted murder case.

She said the two men were attacked by men driving in another car.

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