Preventing the further rapid spread of Covid-19 is in our hands, being informed is key.
Preventing the further rapid spread of Covid-19 is in our hands, being informed is key.

Durban woman details how she and hubby beat Covid, thanks to alert doctor and healthy meals

By Anelisa Kubheka Time of article published Jan 13, 2021

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DURBAN – A Sydenham woman and her husband who are recovering at home from Covid19 say they have spent at least R4 000 on medication and on healthy meals as they try to regain their health back.

“By the time we contracted the virus late December, our medical aid was exhausted. Besides paying for a Covid test which only one of us could afford to do at R850, our initial spend on vitamins, prescribed meds, oximeter, GP account was close to R4 000,” said Donna-Lee Johnson.

She said that while medical aid for 2021 had kicked in she was weary it would most probably be exhausted before the end of the year.

“My heart bleeds for our people in poorer communities. We had to dig into our rainy day savings. I am finally on the road to recovery with minor lingering symptoms although my husband is not quite out of the woods yet, he appears to be getting stronger day by day. If it was not for the prompt action of Dr Brauns to request a chest X-ray and blood test by day 15, after noticing that his fever was not breaking, I don’t know what would have happened. Some people don’t even make it that far so do not use 15 days as a yardstick for fever or oxygen symptoms,” said Johnson, who took to social media thanking her GP.

She explained that on December 20 she started seeing some symptoms, sore throat followed rapidly with dry cough. Two days after this, her husband showed the same symptoms.

“Do the steaming, vinegar swabs for fever. Onion in socks for fever is fantastic, I even tied it around our foreheads and chest with pantyhose. Eat rasam, healthy juicing, chicken soup. Listen to what your body is asking for. I do however wish that I had consulted our doctor sooner for prescribed meds without self-medicating because maybe our tough journey could have ended sooner. My heart really bleeds for those who cannot afford proper medical care because this has been an expensive round for us with ordering meds, groceries online and changing to healthier eating. Vitamins are so expensive too,” said Johnson, who shared her family’s journey on social media with the intent of giving hope to others.

She applauded GPs and their assistants for their work especially the GP, Dr Brauns who helped her family.

Over the past couple of days videos have been shared on social media of congregants, church leaders, and community members praying outside various hospitals in Durban using loud hailers also with the intent of giving hope to Covid-19 patients.

These prayers have taken place outside Addington, Umhlanga and Wentworth, King George hospitals.

Congregants Christ Kingdom Ministries over the last couple of days prayed outside King Edward, Addington as well Ahed Al-Kadi Hospitals praying for Covid patients as well frontline workers

“We are going there where these patients are lonely, some have lost hope, and declaring the decree of the Lord and fighting against this pandemic. We are standing in faith that God can bring healing, courage and hope to patients and frontline workers,” said Pastor Anil Manilal of Christ Kingdom Ministries.

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