Durban woman with Down Syndrome overcomes the odds and beats Covid-19 after spending 19 days in ICU

By Winston Mfeka Time of article published Jul 31, 2020

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Durban - In what has been described as a miracle, Durban resident Andrea Joseph, who was born with Down Syndrome, defied the odds after contracting Covid-19 and was discharged from hospital yesterday after a 26-day battle with the virus.

Joseph, 36, had attended a family memorial on June 21 where it is believed she contracted the virus. A week later, she tested positive for Covid-19. She received treatment from her GP but her condition worsened and she was admitted to St Augustine’s Hospital on July 4.

Four days later she was booked into the ICU for the next 19 days, 12 of which were spent on a ventilator, before her eventual recovery.

Joseph’s brother, Daniel, was relieved.

“This is nothing short of a miracle and we are grateful that she pulled through. This is a rare case and there were times when doctors said she might not make it, but through prayer and the hard work of the hospital staff we have seen that this disease can be beaten.”

Joseph’s sister-in-law, Elaine Joseph, who is her primary caregiver, attributed Joseph’s recovery to her will to live.

She said she was thankful to hospital staff who went the extra mile for them.

“Through everything, Andrea showed her tremendous will to live. There were some days where it was touch and go, but her will and prayer got her through in the end. We are grateful to God and Dr Letasha Kalideen and her team for being amazing.”

The family advised people to take the virus seriously and not to let down their guard.

“People should take this virus seriously, especially if they have comorbidities. If they have tested positive they should not use home remedies.

"They should be proactive and admit themselves to hospital instead of waiting until the situation gets worse,” said Elaine.

Dr Kalideen was enthusiastic about Joseph’s recovery, attributing it to a team effort from staff.

“Andrea recovered exceptionally well. This is an amazing feat as she defied the odds despite her comorbidities.

“This was made possible through our spectacular staff. From our physio team to the nurses who allowed Andrea to stay in contact with her family through video calls, which played a significant role in her recovery.”

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