Eagle’s recovery helps KZN’s Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife celebrate World Conservation Day

By Thobeka Ngema Time of article published Jul 28, 2020

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Durban - The Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) sent out a Happy World Conservation Day on their Facebook page on Tuesday morning with an inspiring story of a wounded eagle.

“Conservation is at the heart of what we do so to celebrate, we're making this whole week one where we reflect on the importance of conservation and how we at CROW apply principles of conservation to our day-to-day,” said CROW.

On Monday, CROW had shared a story about a beautiful long-crested eagle which was brought into one of their depots with a gash to its hip. The eagle was also looking a little emaciated.

Rescue. Rehabilitation. Release. This beautiful long-crested eagle was brought to one of our depots with a nasty gash to...

Posted by CROW - Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Monday, July 27, 2020

CROW said they thought the eagle might have clipped something like a truck while it was flying and got injured. The eagle was treated for a month before it was set free after it was rehabilitated.

That was what CROW does, rescue, rehabilitate and release.

“Long-crested eagles are medium-sized birds of prey, with a distinct set of long feathers on their head (called a crest), that can grow up to 10cm. They’ve become pretty adapted to hunting in and around human settlements, which can often put them in harm’s way,” said CROW.

Meanwhile, last week was Coral Awareness Week, which highlighted coral reefs.

The South African Association of Marine Biological Research (Saambr) said coral reefs were ecosystems that were home to thousands of different animals and are critical for the survival of millions of people around the world.

“Most corals are hermaphroditic and produce both male and female gametes, which are released (spawned) over a few nights each year. The month, day and precise time of spawning is determined by water temperature, lunar phase and day length,” said Saambr.

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