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DURBAN - A family is in distress after the death of their 13-year-old daughter, allegedly by suicide.

Sbahle Ngcongo, 13, who was in Grade 5 at the Phangisa Primary School in Mbumbulu, to the south of Durban, was found dead on Sunday after allegedly hanging herself.

Her family - do not believe she hung herself, and are awaiting an autopsy to determine the circumstances around the teenager’s death.

The family found Sbahle hanging on a rope outside the veranda at home.

Benzani Ngcongo, Sbahle’s aunt, said they were confused and could not believe she had committed suicide. She said the family had been preparing to go to church at about 10am when the body was found hanging outside.

“We were left dejected and could not even go to church afterwards. We were sitting with Sbahle and her mother, and she left the room, but we did not pay it any mind.

“Her mother went out to look for her after a while and she found her on the floor in the veranda. The rope that was used for hanging our washing was hanging low and it did not look like she had been hung there,” she said.

Ngcongo said it appeared the rope was not used as there were no marks on Sbahle’s neck.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said the police had opened an inquest docket after a body was found.

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