Family demands answers after woman’s body ripped apart by boss’ 3 pitbulls

Screeshot of Selina Kokolosi’s employer, Chandre Moster, posting on WhatsApp that she misses her dogs after they had mauled Kokolosi. Picture: Supplied.

Screeshot of Selina Kokolosi’s employer, Chandre Moster, posting on WhatsApp that she misses her dogs after they had mauled Kokolosi. Picture: Supplied.

Published Feb 2, 2022



DURBAN - Mauled by three pitbulls that ripped off her nose, lips, ears, and thighs, at her workplace where she'd been working as a domestic worker for three years, the family of a badly injured 47-year-old Selina Kokolosi want answers from the owners of the dogs who also employ her.

According to Kokolosi’s nephew Tebogo Kokolosi, his aunt’s boss Chandre Moster and her partner Marno Moster were not present when the loose dogs charged at his aunt last week Tuesday in Potchefstroom.

“This is very difficult for us as a family, my aunt’s life will never be the same again and we still do not have answers as to what exactly happened, and why were the dogs left loose. We are unable to even visit her because the hospital informed us that she had contracted Covid-19 and therefore, we are not allowed to visit her.

“We are not coping with everything that happened and her employer is not even showing remorse. Yesterday Chandre posted pictures on her WhatsApp status with a caption indicating she was missing her dogs after they were removed from her care when they attacked my aunt.

Hospitalized Selina Kokolosi was attacked by three pitbulls belonging to her boss at her workplace in Potchefstroom where she had been a domestic worker for three years. Kokolosi was rushed to Chris Hani Baragwanath in Johannesburg. Picture: Supplied

“She is busy posting pictures of her pitbulls and not even a single picture about my aunt who had been working for them and was paid peanuts as a salary. They are not even calling the family to check up on her progress in the hospital,” said Kokolosi.

He said when he tried reaching out to the Mosters to establish what had happened, he was told to speak to their lawyer.

“The only thing they said was that they wanted my account number so they could pay my aunt’s salary which is R1 300. I was shocked to learn that after three years since she worked for them, they did not even have her bank account.”

Contacted for comment, Moster’s lawyer George Herbst said he was working on a statement with his client and would send it to the publication when it was ready.

“I advised my clients not to speak to the media because this is an extremely sensitive and traumatising matter,” said Herbst.

Selina Kokolosi lying in hospital bed after her nose, ears, thighs and legs were ripped off by the Pitbulls. Picture: Supplied

According to the ER24 spokesperson, Russel Meiring, the woman was found lying inside her home by the front door.

Meiring said according to the information at their disposal, the dogs attempted to attack another individual - a man who attempted to jump over the fence to rescue Kokolosi.

He also said that bystanders on the scene explained the man shot at the dogs as they tried to attack him.

ER24 and Mooirivier Beskerming arrived at 8.26am to find Kokolosi lying helplessly inside the home by the front door.

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