Forensics delay to burial of scalded boy

Two year-old Ndalwenhle Ngidi who got burnt by hot water and later died in hospital. Picture: Supplied

Two year-old Ndalwenhle Ngidi who got burnt by hot water and later died in hospital. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 5, 2024


Durban — The family of a two-year-old boy from KwaMaphumulo, north-west of KwaDukuza (Stanger), who fell into a bucket of hot water and later died in hospital, say that forensics are delaying their healing process as they can’t continue with burial arrangements.

His grandmother, Sebenzile Ngidi, said the delays were taking a toll on her family as they sometimes fought among themselves.

“Emotions are high and we are grieving, this is hard.”

She said they had a ceremony at home after Christmas and as they were washing dishes, her grandson, Ndalwenhle Ngidi, was in another house which is in the yard.

Sebenzile said they had 10 litres of boiling water from an urn.

“Upon realising that he had come out from another house and that he was walking towards the urn, an elder who was busy outside tried to tell him to not go to the hot water.”

She said Ndalwenhle reversed after he was told to not touch the bucket.

“He fell in by his bum and he got deep inside. His whole body had been burnt except for shoulders going up to his head.”

Sebenzile said they took him to the Umphumulo Hospital, however, it had taken them time to find a car to hire so they could rush him there.

She said he only survived for a day, and on December 30, at 8am, he died in the hospital.

Sebenzile said the mother of the child was 17 and she was broken.

“She is still young and when people are around she is able to laugh a bit.”

Sebenzile said her daughter was awaiting her matric results.

“It would be better if we are able to bury the child before she gets her matric results so that at least she could get that little time to heal.”

Sebenzile said they had planned to bury Ndalwenhle early this week but because forensics had not come, they postponed it to today (Friday).

“I can see that will not happen, but we at least wish to bury him on Sunday.

“His father works in Gauteng and he was given this week off work in order to be able to bury his son,” Sebenzile said.

She added that on Thursday the police had told them that they had waited for forensics the whole day “but they did not come”.

The police spokesperson in KwaZulu-Natal, Colonel Robert Netshiunda, confirmed the incident and said that KwaMaphumulo police have opened an inquest docket.

He said that the police needed to investigate the cause of death.

“The circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated,” said Netshiunda.

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