DURBAN: 220414 Warrant Officers Rajen Nagaser and Bob Pillay protect murder accused Alvin Maistry from the deased father Rashid Narasiah as he kicks him from behind on his way to court, screaming "He must die, he must die". PICTURE: GCINA NDWALANE

Durban - A father angry at his daughter’s alleged killer broke away from a protest outside the Durban Magistrate’s Court and attacked the man indicated as the “boss” in the murder.

Alvin “Indren” Maistry, implicated in the murder of Charmaine Naidoo, 32, by hired killer, Sifiso Joyisa, was arrested on Thursday, a day after Joyisa was sentenced to 40 years’ imprisonment.

As Maistry walked towards the entrance of the court, Naidoo’s father, Rashid Narasiah, ran up from behind and kicked him.

Narasiah screamed, “he must die, he must die”, as he kicked Maistry

Provincial task team members Warrant Officers Rajen Nagesar and Bob Pillay restrained Narasiah.

Other family members protested outside the court calling for no bail for Maistry.

They were composed until Maistry was spotted.

The protesters ran after him screaming “no bail”.

Distraught family members occupied the front rows of Court 10 awaiting Maistry’s appearance.

Maistry was arrested outside the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, soon after he had consulted with his attorney.

Narasiah vowed to attend every day of the court case until “justice is served”.

In an earlier interview Narasiah said: “I am in an emotional state and if I meet him (Maistry) in court I am not sure what I will do. The family were speculating his involvement; now we have the proof,” he said of Joyisa’s allegations, contained in his guilty plea statement.

“The revelation in court broke me. He took my first-born child.”

Narasiah said his daughter had an insurance policy with Old Mutual but the paperwork could be in a locked room. He said her family had not been to her room since she was murdered as Maistry had always held the key.

Naidoo was abducted from her Nasik Road home in Merebank in the presence of her family during a staged robbery in February.

Joyisa pleaded guilty to shooting her in the shoulder. In his plea statement read out in the Durban Regional Court, he said his co-accused, Bongani Manyathi, stabbed her in the neck and strangled her using her shoelaces.

Joyisa said a man referred to as Maistry was the “boss” and had hired another co-accused, Mandlenkosi Jobe, to carry out the hit. Jobe in turn hired Joyisa as the hit man.

Jobe and Manyathi are in police custody after choosing to abandon their bail applications. Police spokesman, Colonel Jay Naicker, confirmed a man had been arrested on Thursday.

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