I have not fired my spokesperson - King Misuzulu

Royal family spokesperson Prince Africa and king Misuzulu. Picture: Supplied

Royal family spokesperson Prince Africa and king Misuzulu. Picture: Supplied

Published Aug 24, 2023


Durban — King Misuzulu has dismissed rumours that he is about to fire or has fired his spokesperson, His Royal Highness Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal Palace.

In a short video clip where the king was addressing the nation solely on this matter, His Majesty dismissed any suggestions that he had gotten rid of his spokesperson.

In the 1 minute and 16 seconds address, the king said: “I wish to inform the nation and everyone concerned about the lies that I have seen circulating on media platforms that I have fired the prince as my spokesperson. These are lies and have not dismissed the prince. Even if I wanted that, no one has a right to dismiss the prince from his home but I wish to emphasise that it was me who asked the Prince to be the spokesperson of the royal family and the crown,” said the king.

He added that the prince was continuing to execute his duties with respect.

Last week, the Daily News reported that there was a plot to get the king to fire Prince Africa, which the prince himself confirmed that he had also received information about the plot. He said the plot was orchestrated by the people close to the king who had gone to badmouth the king and influenced His Majesty to remove him.

Zulu said the main intention for these people was to use their proximity to the king to enrich themselves but knew that he would not allow that, which was why they hatched a plot to get him removed by spreading lies about him.

Commenting on the king's address, the prince said he was happy that the king had addressed the matter and pledged to serve the king and Zulu nation with respect. He said the king did very well to clarify the issue because they were opportunists who were riding on these rumours for their nefarious ends.

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