IFP supporting tornado victims

IFP handing out blankets to oThongathi residents. Picture: IFP KZN

IFP handing out blankets to oThongathi residents. Picture: IFP KZN

Published Jul 10, 2024


Durban — The IFP in KwaZulu-Natal has donated 3 000 blankets to oThongathi residents to provide relief after the area was hit by a tornado last month.

The IFP KZN’s deputy chairperson, Inkosi Ntandoyenkosi Shabalala, said the IFP would also provide aid in the form of food parcels and that the party would continue to assist the community.

Shabalala said: “When residents raise issues with the media, it is hard for us to address certain matters as we are not informed initially, but we commit to aiding those and ensure that they are not left vulnerable.”

IFP KZN deputy chairperson Inkosi Ntandoyenkosi Shabalala. The IFP is providing oThongathi residents with blankets. This forms part of their relief programme to aid residents affected by last month’s storm. Picture: IFP KZN

Ahead of schools reopening, he said the party would continue to go door-to-door to talk to residents about their issues and try to address them.

He asked the local government and other parties to use their resources and help the oThongathi community.

He said poverty should not be political and that if the community was suffering from cold or hunger, then it is the parties’ responsibility to address that – irrespective of the community members’ political affiliation. He urged all political parties to be practical when addressing the poor.

IFP handing out blankets to oThongathi residents. Picture: IFP KZN

Last month, it was reported that more than R1.3 billion was required to address damages caused by the storm around KZN. More than 1 200 were left homeless and 12 deaths were reported.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) rated the tornado an EF3 on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale, with estimated wind speeds of 225 – 265km/h.

Various government departments, Premier Thami Ntuli, political party leaders, non-governmental organisations, and donors have visited oThongathi.

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