Kenville residents fearful as protesters go on early morning rampage

Inanda Road near the Peters Road Bridge. Picture supplied.

Inanda Road near the Peters Road Bridge. Picture supplied.

Published Mar 25, 2019


Durban - Kenville residents were under siege from violent protests and looting on Monday. 

Residents of Sea Cow Lake and Kenville woke up to screams and chants as a mob of people walked through the area overturning refuse bins, cutting down tree branches and stoning homes. 

The area has three large informal settlements behind Sea Cow Lake Road. Early on Monday morning along Inanda Road, the main arterial road through to Durban, was blocked off between the NCP and Peters Road by tyres and rubble. 

Unconfirmed reports were that a Petrol fuel station, a doctors surgery and several shops were looted or stoned. 

Most of the residents had not left their homes for work fear that their vehicles might be stoned in the protest. 

Protests in Mandini. Picture: Supplied

The Public Order Policing Unit (POP) had converged on the area to quell the disperse the protestors. Police were still establishing the reason behind the protest. 

There were also protest in the Mandini area, north of KwaZulu-Natal. 

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