The bullet-riddled minibus taxi on Eddie Hagen Drive in Inchanga. Picture: Brad Nathanson Investigations-Facebook

Durban - A 10-month old baby and school girl were among the three people gunned down when a minibus taxi travelling between KwaNyuswa and Cato Ridge was riddled with bullets while travelling on Eddie Hagan Drive near Inchanga on Wednesday. 

Private Investigator Brad Nathanson and his wife Esme, both trained in first aid, rushed to the scene after paramedics called for assistance. 

He said the shooting could be linked to the ongoing taxi-war over routes.

He said the baby, a schoolgirl still dressed in her school uniform and a young man died. Five others were wounded and were rushed to a local hospital. 

“The driver's side of the taxi was riddled with bullet holes. Cartridges on the ground told me that an AK 47 had been the weapon of destruction. In the taxi lay a school-girl, her young body contorted by the bullets that had ripped through her killing her likely instantly. A young man's body lay crumpled in front of the sliding door. It was obvious by the way that his body lay that he had attempted to flee from the gunfire. A baby who, if not for a single gunshot wound, would otherwise have looked like she was only sleeping. Her young brother had a gunshot wound to the back of his head but it was only a graze and their mother had been shot in the stomach,” he said. 

“The people who did this are cowards. What type of person kills innocent people over a taxi route? What kind of person instructs this kind of action? How dire the state of our country. There was so much agony in the air with women crying, people groaning from pain and sirens approaching. The smell of blood was palatable,”Nathanson said. 

Police are investigating the incident. 

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