Durban - THE owners of a 12-week-old Blue Nose American pit bull terrier that was stolen from a Musgrave, Durban, property nearly two weeks ago, suspect he could be used for breeding.

Raees Gaffoor, one of the owners, said Oreo was stolen from his garden between 6.30pm and 10pm on April 3.

“We’re hoping and praying that we get him back. My girlfriend is suffering from anxiety and we are worried because he is still a baby.

“Are they taking care of him and does he have a warm bed to sleep in?” Gaffoor wondered.

He was aware of stories of dog fighting and breeding.

Gafoor and his girlfriend Shazia Mohammed had bought Oreo for R7000, and were aware that pit bulls could sell for up to R15000.

“The reason they stole him was to breed him later on,” he said.

Mohammed said she was devastated their pup had been stolen.

“I have anxiety and I just want to get him back,” Mohammed said.

She said Oreo loved being outside and would scratch the door to be let out and then he would play with his toys. Mohammed said Oreo had been left outside because he was being dewormed.

The couple had opened a case with the police and also went to the SPCA, put up posters and were alerted that Oreo was in Mariannridge, west of Durban, but they could not find him when they went to look for him.

She added that they were also working with a few pet rescuers to find him,and that they were offering a reward for any information that led to the recovery their beloved pet .

Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said that Mayville police were investigating a case of theft.

A pet rescuer agreed with Gaffoor that Oreo may have been taken for his bloodline.

“It’s someone who knew the value of the dog and won’t use him for fighting. He was stolen to breed; this is for money,” the rescuer said.

Daily News