File Picture: Etienne Creux, Pretoria News

Durban - A former commander the South African Narcotics Enforcement Bureau of the Hawks in Durban has laid bare alleged collusion between police officers and a Phoenix drug lord.

The officer, a lieutenant-colonel, is himself under investigation for allegedly having links to a rival drug lord and alleged head of a notorious street gang in Phoenix has accused several colleagues of colluding with a Phoenix drug lord.

All the names of those implicated are known by IOL.

The officer makes several allegations against his fellow officers, chief among them:

  • That police officers have stolen drugs and money from crime scenes and in some instances sold the drugs back to drug dealers.
  • That the officers named in the statement are working with and sometimes at the behest of drug dealers.
  • That officers use services such as tow trucks from drug dealers.
  • That the officers have tipped off drug dealers about investigations into them.
  • That some officers were seen spending large amounts of money at casinos, presumably the proceeds of working with drug dealers.

Last Thursday, IOL sent national Hawks spokesman, Brigadier Hangwani Maluadzi a detailed email with questions.

We sent SMS reminders on Friday seeking a response and on Monday called him. Maluadzi said that he instructed his colleagues in Durban to provide him with a response by Monday.

At the time of publishing on Wednesday, he had not yet responded.

Here are the questions we asked the Hawks:

1) Are you aware of the statement made by … (the senior policeman)

2) Has the Hawks, and or any other body such as the National Anti-Corruption Task Team, investigated the allegations made by… (the senior policeman) against his fellow officers?

3) I have been told by police sources that some of the officers implicated have been served with notices of suspension. Is this true?

4) Have the Hawks and or any other body such as the National Anti-Corruption Task Team investigated the allegation made against  (the senior policeman) that he too is working with a drug dealer named (name withheld)?

5) What has been the outcome of the investigation?

6) As a result of this infighting and collusion, there has been a loss of public confidence in the police's fight against the drug scourge in Durban. What plans are in place or have been implemented to root out the bad apples in narcotics and other units in the Hawks?

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