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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Backchatters clash over mandatory vaccination

File Picture: REUTERS/Kenny Katombe

File Picture: REUTERS/Kenny Katombe

Published Jan 19, 2022



Do people have a right to deliberately put other peoples’ lives in danger, is the Constitution not there to protect the innocent? What good will it do for someone to die because they have a right to refuse vaccines, it is ridiculous to oppose mandatory vaccination. VERNON KAYSER

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It is time for President Cyril Ramaphosa to make Covid-19 shots compulsory. How is it that China has managed to administer 1.2 billion shots but we cannot even get to 29 million? I will tell you why. When the Chinese government says “jump”, the Chinese jump. Here we pander to new age idiots who think that it is “de rigueur” to be anti-vax. These idiots do not care if they infect and maybe kill grandparents, parents or work colleagues. These people all had their MMR and polio vaccines when they were young. Some may have died if they had not had these shots. If it was made compulsory to have Covid-19 shots, some idiots might throw their toys, but most intelligent, law abiding citizens, (maybe 80%) will get their shots. Ignore the idiots. We have to get to 70% to avoid a fifth wave. Of course people who suffer from blood clots etc can get a doctor's certificate and be exempt. Get a backbone and do what you know must be done, Mr President. MIKE

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This will end in tears if these private companies want to make people their guinea pigs. They better forget it. If health care workers are plainly refusing, why are they forcing ordinary people? What is in that vaccine if we may ask. ANDREW MSIMANGA

No one has to be forced to take a vaccine if they do not want to, this is enshrined in our Constitution. So whoever thinks they can implement or enforce mandatory vaccines should think again, because clearly this means war. ANON

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ANC recycled cadres are being displayed at funerals and functions, but it goes against the grain. Voters are tired of being screwed and seeing the same person preaching Christianity and honesty while thieving. JOE SOAP.

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Andrew, the Queen’s son. I wish I lived in Britain. Andrew allegedly molested a woman. How he must be wishing that he lived in South Africa instead, of being given a slap on the wrist, and allowed to go on living as if he did not do any wrong, as is the case in our beloved country. He has been stripped of all military titles, privileges, and what is so important, is that he has to fight his case in the US as a private citizen. Well done Britain! NM WESTVILLE

All our youth are going to be wiped out in this current wave of killings, if we as a country do not get rid of this weak corrupt ANC government, that is doing nothing about the drug scourge ravaging our country. K JACKSON

It is a pretty messed-up world out there, life is too hard to live, the nation is quite depressed. It is disheartening to witness. SIMPHIWE MAJOKA

DStv’s repeats are a bit too much now. We pay for a service, and not to see the same repeats day after day. It is time to start reducing premiums or give us what we are paying for, entertainment. FELICITY

I have been trying for two weeks to register online to renew my South African passport at Home Affairs but am told continuously that they are offline. How long is this going to last for? So unprofessional! ROS

ActionSA should remind politicians that their positions are not for their personal capacity but on people's mandate to deliver services only. It is not a normal 9 to 5 job! So political parties must have their houses in order to show their seriousness to serve the country which put them in power. DU DUBE

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