Dheena Reddy. Picture: Facebook

Durban - A Chatsworth family are mourning the loss of local karate instructor Dheena Reddy, 52, who died in hospital a month after he was assaulted at Hotel Savera in Woodhurst. 

Reddy, who is hearing impaired, was attacked on March 2. 

His older brother, Lenny, said Dheena was with a friend, who was also deaf, at the hotel and were having drinks. 

Lenny said his brother got into an altercation with someone at the bar. “My brother was not showing any signs that he wanted to fight and walked away when he was with a bar table from behind.

A distraught Lenny said his brother fell to the floor, while he was on the floor his attacker kicked him twice on the stomach.

“He sat there for over an hour while he was in pain,” Lenny said. His friend who is also deaf did not see the altercation and only saw him later on and picked him up as they went to Reddy’s car. Reddy had to drive himself home as his friend could not drive a vehicle and had to drop him off.

He went home and took pain tablets to deal with the pain, but his situation became worse and was taken to hospital. Doctors initially thought that he had a hernia, but a computerized tomography (CT) scan revealed that Reddy had a burst intestine and fluids were flowing out. This resulted in Reddy going into septic shock. He then had an operation and soon went into cardiac arrest. Lenny said last Friday doctors told the family that part of his brain was dead and that they were going to pull him out of life support as they did not expect him to live long. “His breathing has become shallow,” Lenny said as he waited for his brother to take his final breath.

What upset the family was that Reddy had been allegedly lying on the floor for an hour without anyone calling for medical assistance and that the family was angry at what had happened.

Lenny said his brother was not married and did not have any children and supported his father and mother who he was living with. He said his brother was a second dan black belt and had been planning to grade for his third dan and began his karate career in 1978. His career saw him travel around the world to compete in countries like Switzerland and India among others.

Avesh Ramkisson, manager at the Savera hotel said they were sad at the death of Reddy and offered full support to the police and have recovered and shared footage of the incident with them,” Reddy said.

Anyone who may have witnessed this incident is urged to contact the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Peters on 076 811 9255,or alternatively call Lieutenant Colonel Mkhize on 082 411 6416 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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