The scene of the crime on Sunset Avenue in Chatsworth. Commuters and residents use a pathway off the Higginson Highway to access the avenue. Picture: Google Maps
Durban - A Shallcross mother is warning people to be careful of robbers lurking in the bushes along Higginson Highway after her son was robbed and stabbed when he was walking to work.

Ashley Rampersad, 31, is in hospital undergoing tests to determine the damage to his liver after he was stabbed near Sunset Avenue around midday on Thursday. 
His mother Rita Rampersad said he had alighted a minibus taxi on Link Road and took a shortcut to Sunset Avenue along the Higginson Highway when a man grabbed him.  She said the man demanded that he hand over his cellphone. 

Rampersad said her son got into a scuffle with the robber.  During the scuffle a second robber appeared from the bushes and stabbed Ashley on the side of his stomach. 

Ashley, who has an eight year old daughter sought help from a nearby businessman who then rushed him to hospital. 

"He was a casual worker at a business on Sunset Avenue. He went to speak to the manager. The pathway is so isolated and unsafe. I urge others not to use it. I feel people rather walk the long way around. We are now praying that he recovers fully and does not lose his liver. All this for a cellphone which my son worked so hard to buy,"Rampersad said. 

It is alleged that several others have been robbed in the vicinity. 

At the time of reporting Rampersad had not reported the matter to police. She said her mind was focused on his health and will report the matter soon.

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