Calls for more proactive policing and additional police resources were made at a community meeting on crime in Newlands West, Durban recently. Picture by SAPS

Durban - Burglaries, theft of motor vehicles and rape was on the increase in the Newlands East police precinct. 

This was revealed when the South African Police Service briefed the Portfolio Committee on Police (PCOP) on the 2018/19 annual crime statistics in Parliament on Thursday. 

The statistics are for all crime reported for the period between 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

Minister of Police Bheki Cele said the crime statistics is presented cover 21 crime categories, namely 17 Community reported crimes and four other crime categories detected as a result of police action. 

He said the scope of the crimes was reported at all 1154 police stations, including satellite stations and ports of entry nationwide.

 All crimes were either reported by the victim, witness, third-parties or detected by members of the South African Police Service.

"The 2018/2019 annual crime statistics were declared as official statistics in line with prescripts of the South African Statistical Quality Assessment Framework (SASQAF). This stamp of approval will finally put to rest questions of the authenticity and legitimacy of the Crime Statistics,"said Cele. 

The police made available statistics of crimes such as murder, sexual offences, attempted murder, assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, common  assault, common robbery and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The Newlands East police cover the suburbs of Parlock, Newlands West, Newlands East, Westrich, Bakerville, part of Sea Cow Lake and part of the Nandi Drive business precinct. 

According to the stats crimes which impacted on the suburb were 

-Sexual Offences: 51 (2017/2018) -57 (2018/2019). During 2009/2010 a total of 94 cases were reported

-Common Assault: 34 (2017/2018) - 51 (2018/2019) 

-Rape: 40(2017/2018)- 50 (2018/2019). During 2016/2017, 22 cases were reported. 

-Common assault: 230 (2017/2018)- 323 (2018/2019) 

-Robbery with aggravating circumstances:321(2017/2018) -337(2018/2019). In 2010/2011, a total of 240 cases were reported. 

-Car-jackings: 102 (2017/2018)- 98 (2018/2019) 

-Robbery at residential premises (house robbery) 35 (2017/2018)- 39 (2018/2019). 

-Theft of motor vehicle and motorcycle:101(2017/2018) to 142 (2018/2019). During 2011/ 2012, a total of 85 cases were reported. 

-Malicious damage to property: 167 (2017/2018) 180 (2018/2019). During 2014/2015, a total of 122 cases were reported.   

-Burglary 325 (2017/2018) - 394 (2018/2019).During 2013/2014 a total of 495 cases were reported. 

-Theft out of or from motor vehicle:168 (2017/2018) to 136 (2018/2019). 

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