Workers allegedly downed tools on Wednesday at the Durban Solid Waste Depot in Collingwood Road, Bluff. Picture supplied
Durban - Chatsworth residents have been informed that the Durban Solid Waste (DSW) domestic refuse collection unit have downed tools on Wednesday. 

Tony Govender, eThekwini ward 70 councillor, said he received a message from the Chatsworth circuit manager of DSW informing him of the impending strike. 

"It could  affect other areas in Chatsworth and not only ward 70. I received a message from the circuit  manager informing  me that there is an internal problem. Trucks are unable to go out of the depot. There will be service interruptions  on Wednesday,"he said.  

Govender requested that all Chatsworth residents who have left their refuse bags out on the street for collection to take them back into their yards. 

He said it is unlikely that trucks will come out on Wednesday to collect them.

"Apparently the EPWP staff have locked the gates and are not allowing the trucks to leave the depots. We back to square one again. If you hear or see the trucks later this evening  you may then take your litter bags out. For now I implore you to move them to avoid unnecessary  messing of the streets,"Govender said.

It is unclear if all the areas in the municipality are affected by the DSW strike. 

Daily News