Sara Zondi, left, and Tracey Zungu stand outside their home as they try to deal with the sewage that has been constantly flowing. Nqobile Mbonambi African News Agency (ANA)
Durban - AN INANDA family are at their wits’ end as to how to deal with an overflowing manhole inside their property that has forced them to permanently close their windows and doors due to the overwhelming stench.

Tracey Zungu, of Dube Village in Inanda, said the problem began in December last year when there were heavy rains in the city and it began to overflow.

“We tried calling the municipality on numerous occasions, but nothing happened,” she said.

Zungu, who lives with eight family members, said the sewage soon started to flow towards her home and nearly entered the house.

They had to dig a small trench to divert the sewage away from their home.

“The smell is so bad that we have to close the windows and doors. My 18-month-old grandson gets sick because of the pollution,” she said.

Zungu said she constantly had headaches because of the stench. “We cannot continue living like this.”

“We want someone to help us. We would like even the mayor to intervene in the matter,” she said.

Msawakhe Mayisela, eThekwini Municipality spokesperson said they would be attending to the matter.

He said the city was working tirelessly to deal with each incident that was reported to it.

He said alien objects being put into the system were a challenge as these objects ended up blocking it.

“There are instances where immediately after our teams have unblocked we find ourselves going back to square one We sincerely apologise to our residents who happen to bear the brunt of these challenges,” Mayisela said.

The Daily News has on numerous occasions reported sewerage problems in the city.

In a separate matter, Sea Cow Lake Road has experienced constant problems with regular sewage overflows that end up damaging the road.

Ward 34 councillor Bobby Maharajh said the problem was an “on and off issue for a long time”.

He said the stench became worse when it was hot and the state of the road had gone from bad to worse.

Maharajh said he feared that the road would collapse similar to the M4 Ruth First Highway.

The councillor said he understood the plight of residents when they complained of the stench.

Maharajh said this was an issue of ageing infrastructure and with water pipes which were about 50 years old and made of asbestos.

Mayisela said the municipality had sent a team of engineers to fix the problem on the road.

He said they were aware of the problem and the team sent to fix it were looking at coming up with a permanent solution to the problem.

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