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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Homeowner stabbed six times in the shoulder during robbery; six common crimes which increase over the festive season

The men forced the door open and pushed the homeowner onto the bed, and stabbed him six times in the shoulder. Picture: SAPS (Twitter)

The men forced the door open and pushed the homeowner onto the bed, and stabbed him six times in the shoulder. Picture: SAPS (Twitter)

Published Dec 22, 2021


DURBAN - A Sydenham man is recovering after he was stabbed six times during a robbery at his home on Tuesday.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said the man, his wife and son were at his place of residence on Moses Kotane Road (formerly known as Sparks Road) when they heard a knock on the door.

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Mbele said three men were standing at the door requesting to buy office furniture.

The men forced the door open and pushed the homeowner onto the bed, and stabbed him six times in the shoulder.

“The suspects tied him and his family up, took an undisclosed amount of cash as well as their cellphones before fleeing the scene on foot. The injured victim was taken to hospital for medical attention.”

A case of house robbery was opened at Sydenham SAPS for investigation.

South African Community Crime Watch CEO Steven King said with the festive season communities would face the grim possibility of becoming victims of crime.

“Unfortunately, the term “Its the season to be jolly" does not just apply to peace-loving citizens of our beautiful country who worked the whole year and saved as best they could to enjoy the last stretch of what has been a horrible year for most.”

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King said the criminal elements were ever-present to take that which peopled cherish most in life away.

Here are some of the more common crimes which tend to increase over the festive season:

1) Residential burglaries

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People go away for holidays, and criminals know this, making your home an easy target. The solution here is to notify your security company and neighbourhood watch so that extra patrols can be conducted.

2) Remote jamming

Shopping Malls are busy, and parking areas are packed to capacity. This makes it easy to get in and out of your vehicle to remove parcels, etc. which are left on seats and the boot. When leaving your vehicle, make sure it is locked by testing the doors etc. Arrange with the car guard that you will pay a little extra if he can pay a little more attention to the safety of your vehicle.

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3) Bank followings

This happens as most companies are paying out wages and bonuses to staff. Criminals wait in the bank to observe where large amounts of cash are withdrawn, they follow you and then hijack the victim taking the money or, in some cases, the vehicle and victim. The best is not to withdraw large amounts of cash but rather do electronic payments. If you must go to the bank, get someone to escort you to the bank.

4) Smash and grab

Don't leave valuable items on the seats but rather in the boot and on your person. Keep windows closed, especially in town, where the traffic is congested, and the criminals have got enough time to break your glass, grab and run.

5) Pick pocketing

Do not walk with cellphones and wallets in your back pocket of your long distances. Criminals are well trained in bumping into you and make it seem like an accident, and by the time you notice your valuables are gone, it's too late. Handbags should be tucked under the arm in front of you to prevent your straps from being cut and your bag from being taken.

6) Domestic violence, assault, child neglect and rape

In most cases, this is a direct result of substance abuse. People need to take responsibility for their actions and must realise that they cannot have a good time at the expense of others. So many children dream of having this wonderful Christmas, with gifts, Santa etc. Only for irresponsible adults to destroy it for them and those around them.

Make sure you know where your children are at all times and rather drop and collect them from functions than putting their safety in the hands of irresponsible people .

Stay away from secluded and dark areas. Choose wisely who you want to spend this holiday with, and always consider your safety and the safety of others.

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