A Wentworth man survived a hit on his life when a gunman shot at his car several times. Picture: Zanele Zulu/African News Agency(ANA)
Durban - Wentworth police have dispelled rumours of a gang war in the suburb after a man survived a drive-by shooting in the area on Wednesday morning.

Police sources say the shooting was the work of a lone “enforcer” employed by a drug dealer on Woodville Road, who was trying to muscle out another dealer doing business in the same road.

The victim, a resident of Woodville Road who would not be named, was transporting his 17-year-old sister to school when the enforcer drove up behind him and began shooting at his car.

The man said he drove through the suburb, trying to escape the car that was following him.

“It was a high-speed chase. The shots kept ringing out. I heard the sound as the bullets hit my car. He tried to overtake me and my window shattered, but I kept going,” he said.

The man said he drove back to his Woodville Road flat where the police intercepted him and seized his vehicle, which had been struck by several bullets, for investigation.

He was not harmed and the gunman fled.

The man would not say whether the attempt on his life was in retaliation for a shooting on Woodville Road on Monday night in which two drug gangs were involved in a shoot-out.

A group of concerned parents from Woodville Road called for an end to the violence. Residents stormed the Wentworth police station, demanding to know what investigations had been conducted into previous incidents.

“We want to bring the group of boys together and end this mayhem before it’s too late. We do not want innocent people to get shot, including children,” a woman said.

The police said they wanted to get the rival groups around a table to discuss their differences, offer amnesty so that firearms could be handed over, and have them sign a peace agreement. The police had done this in Alabama and Reiger roads, where fighting had stopped.

In recent months, Michael Bruce, Brendon Lolly Davids and Shane Majority were shot dead.

The police are now hunting for the gunman involved in yesterday’s shooting. On Tuesday night, they seized an unlicensed firearm in Croton Road after receiving a tip-off.

Wentworth police are investigating a case of attempted murder.

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