Police forensic arrows show the various spots in a Wendy House that were pierced by bullets after a man was killed in a gang-related shooting in Wentworth on Wednesday. Picture: Kelyn Blackburn.

Durban - A man was shot dead and his girlfriend was wounded in Wentworth early on Wednesday in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting.

The man was shot in his Wendy house in Austerville Drive shortly after 1 am on Wednesday.

His girlfriend was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition after running to the police station for help. They lived across the road from the local police.

According to an eyewitness who was in the Wendy House at the time, a gunman walked up to the bare window with no curtain where he saw the man sleeping with his girlfriend.

The gunman then shot the girlfriend and the man through the back of the Wendy House that is situated in a complex known as “The Ark”.

“We were inside and heard people walking at the time of the night. I sent someone to open to see who it was and that's when they opened fire behind the Wendy House”, he said. 

While the motive behind the shooting was sketchy a police source said it was related to gangs and the illicit drug trade in Wentworth.

When the Daily News arrived on the scene the family of the man were present and visibly shocked and confused as to why anyone would shoot the man.

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