Yvonne van Schalkwyk with a picture of her partner Brendon Davids who was shot and killed in their flat in Wentworth in the early hours of yesterday morning. Bongani Mbatha African News Agency (ANA)
Durban - GANG violence is believed to be behind the murder of a Durban man who was gunned down in his home early on Sunday morning.

Brendon “Lolly” Davids, 45, was killed by a man known to the family in the lounge of his Major Calvert Street flat.

Davids’ partner, Yvonne van Schalkwyk, said she believes he was killed as part an ongoing gang war in the Wentworth area.

“About four weeks ago he was chased by a group of guys who had knives and guns as he was walking to his friend’s home. It was soon after that when these same boys shot five times outside our windows as some sort of warning,” she said.

It is alleged that Davids was targeted for his association with a friend who allegedly sells drugs.

Van Schalkwyk said the family of six were asleep when the assailants knocked on the door.

“He woke up and answered it, and it sounded like (he was talking to) a young girl,’’ she said.

She said Davids returned to the bedroom and would not say who the girl at the door was. The family wanted to know who the female was.

Soon after, another person knocked, claiming to be Davids’ friend, but the voice did not sound like his friend’s.

“He got up and went to the door and (he) tried to quickly close it when I saw an outstretched arm with a gun. I quickly tried to push the couch against the door, but then I heard about two gunshots go off,” said Van Schalkwyk.

“I screamed and asked my daughter-in-law in the other room to call the police, and then another two (gunshots) went off.”

Davids’ stepson, Yasin van Schalkwyk, lamented the murder, saying Davids was not a violent person. “This was not his war to fight; the real culprits are gone. Is your home not supposed to be the safest place for you? How can someone enter your home to kill you?”

Davids occasionally worked in construction as a welder.

Neighbours have described Davids as loving and humble, and as someone who loved his family.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said Davids was shot in the head and neck and was declared dead at the scene.

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