THABANI Mzolo with his lawyer yesterday.
THABANI Mzolo with his lawyer yesterday.

New details emerge of the day MUT student Zolile Khumalo was murdered

By Sne Masuku Time of article published Nov 13, 2019

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Durban - Thabani Mzolo had expressed a desire to resolve differences with his girlfriend.

However, when let into Zolile Khumalo’s flat, he allegedly produced a gun, shot her twice and then kicked her while she lay bleeding on the floor.

He then allegedly confessed on Facebook, saying he wished he could resurrect her, and apologised for killing her.

The 23-year-old was arrested just moments after Khumalo’s murder inside her room at the Lonsdale student residence last May.

Mangosuthu University of Technology student Simiso Buthelezi told the Durban High Court on Tueday he was shocked to see Mzolo pull out a gun once they got into Khumalo’s flat, as Mzolo had told him he wanted to sort out issues he had with his girlfriend.

It is alleged that Khumalo, 21, had ended their relationship, but Mzolo, who is charged with murder and has pleaded not guilty, could not accept it.

Buthelezi said Mzolo arrived at his room at the Lonsdale residence and asked to take a shower.

He then asked Buthelezi to buy him airtime and on the way to pass by Khumalo’s room to collect his hooded jacket, but not to tell Khumalo that he was in the building.

Mzolo told him that they had had a fight and he was there to sort out issues in their relationship.

On Buthelezi’s return, Mzolo asked him to accompany him to Khumalo’s room. Since visiting hours were over, they had to use the fire escape to get there to avoid security guards.

On arrival at Khumalo’s room, he knocked and entered first when Khumalo’s roommate opened the door for them.

Mzolo locked the door and Buthelezi noticed Khumalo, who had been studying at her desk, jump up in shock.

“I turned and saw that Mzolo had pulled out a firearm. I grabbed his arm and reprimanded him to stop and asked him what he was doing, because he had told me that he wanted to sort out their issues. I also asked him why he had brought a gun,” said Buthelezi.

Mzolo’s lawyer Bonokwakhe Dlamini, said Mzolo would deny there was any dispute between him and Khumalo.

“He will say that he had visited her in the last week of April and there were no problems between them. To support this version, there were some items that were still with Khumalo, like the hooded jacket he asked you to collect from Khumalo.

“In fact, the only problem he had that day was that he could not get Khumalo on the phone,” he said.

Dlamini pointed out certain contradictions in Buthelezi’s statement made shortly after the incident and his evidence in court.

This included the version that he was the first to enter the room, which contradicted his written statement that Mzolo had entered the room first.

Dlamini also pointed out that in his statement, Buthelezi said Mzolo had pulled out a gun from a blue sling bag, and in court said he was not sure where Mzolo had produced the gun from.

“I will put it to you that your evidence is a fabrication. I keep picking up conflicting statements. This version heard in court seems to be something that was dictated to you,” said Dlamini.

The trial continues.

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